❧Welcome to the "List of Skins"

Weapons, Shields & Mags

This list contains skins for weapons, shields and mags for

Phantasy Star Online:Blue Burst.

❧How to install a skin

This guide explains how to install a skin

for Phantasy Star Online:Blue Burst.

It's actually pretty easy. :)


Firstly, please download AFSManager

Open AFSManager and click File->Load...

and open ItemTextureEP4.afs.


(You can usually find it at:



Now click Content->Apply an AFP patch...

and select the "afp file" you've downloaded.

When the short import message appears, simply click ok.

Finally, click the "save" button...


Congratulations, you've installed a skin. \o/

NOTE: If a skin doesn't show up ingame, try to put ItemTextureEP4/ItemModelEP4 on your Desktop first.

Now apply the patch and put it back in "...\data".

Have fun,


Kamui S.

Latest Updates


Date Skin Original by
07/15/19 Virtuous Contract Excalibur
Kamui S.
07/15/19 Cruel Oath Diska of Braveman Kamui S.
07/15/19 Twitch Yahoo! Togepichu X
07/15/19 Dragunov 404SVD Rifle Series Echelon
07/15/19 Twin Suppressed Gun Mechgun Series Echelon
07/15/19 Commander Blade Excalibur Echelon

OGG Packs/Sound Packs

Date OGG Pack
07/15/19 Nier:Automata OGG Pack
Kamui S.
07/15/19 Nier:Automata Menu SFX Kamui S.
07/15/19 Final Fantasy XV OGG Pack Kamui S.
07/15/19 Persona 5 (mostly) OGG Pack Ryan
07/15/19 Less Annoying Sound Effects PalmtopPanda


❧ PSO EPI Horror Mod

Check out

my horror mod for PSO:BB Episode I!


This mod includes







 -item boxes


 -blood textures



Download here



❧PSO EPI Horror Mod Add-on

This add-on enables you to experience the horror on Normal-Very hard!


 -New monsters

 -New crates

 -New doors

 -New teleporters





Installing the main mod first is strongly recommended!